i just want sum friends i can make emotional connections with

(at arm’s lengths
i will hold you there

One of the songs I wrote when I was at the cabin was ‘For Emma.’ There’s a lyric in there where that says, ‘I saw death on a sunny snow.’ And it was very typical for a day up there in February. I remember there was a day before I left that it was minus 20F, but the sun was shining and it was sort of a brilliant contrast. Whenever I sing this song, or perform this song that’s where I am. When I’m singing, ‘Running home, running home,’ it’s sort of this repetitive thing that happens in the song. It’s not as much about home, because I didn’t know what home was at that point. That wasn’t as established for me. My parents had a home. And I grew up at a home. But I was just running. These stories and this song all happen during the winter, because about February every year is when it gets really hard. And I think the starkness and the grayness and the lack of sun, and when the dirt and the salt sort of build up at the side of the roads, I think it’s about time for the ground to start thawing and I think it’s when people’s hearts really start to give out. I think that’s when you remember it the most.
- Justin Vernon (via parliament-of-owls)

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Every time this disgusting picture shows up on my news feed a piece of my soul dies



chocolate eclair bars- not as good as strawberry shortcake bars