there was a dead mouse in my room and i just stepped on it and it was staring at me when i looked at it :(

good intentions paving company is like the greatest song in existence


Diana for months: eww that movie sex tape looks horrible! You couldn’t pay me to see it!! I’m embarrassed for them that looks absolutely awful!!

Diana yesterday: I heard that sex tape has a lot of Jason segel naked in it..
Me: oh yea?
Diana: So wanna go tomorrow??

yea it sucked ass and i could actually do w/o the upclose of jason segel’s spread apart hairy butt

And I do hate to fold
Right here at the top of my game
When I’ve been trying with my whole heart and soul
To stay right here in the right lane

But it can make you feel over and old
Lord, you know it’s a shame
When I only want for you to pull over and hold me
'Til I can't remember my own name


Joanna Newsom by Jonathan Purvis.

god i fukkin miss chubby jason segel


went grocery shopping